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Google Gemini AI Chatbot: How To Use Google BARD AI

Google Gemini AI Chatbot How To Use Google BARD AI. In the world of information technology, a new computer app is being discussed recently. At the moment, there is a lot of talk, discussion, and criticism all over the world. There’s a debate, a message is coming. Search engine Google, which is the best software in the world of information, is also under threat. Google’s head is broken. The authorities of the best colleges and universities around the world are worried about what action will be taken about this technological product. The new app has increased the anxiety of professionals who have become shaken by the dominance of technology.

Google said a team of testers would test it before it was unveiled next week. According to the BBC, Bird was created from Google’s existing large language model Lambda. A Google engineer commented that it was as sensitive as humans. Google has also announced to bring of a new AI tool to the search engine. According to the BBC, the AI chatbot has been designed to search for information and answer various questions. However, while processing information from this vast world of the Internet, fake or dangerous information can also be extracted, the media said.

Google’s Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said that for the time being, everyone can use it so the platform will use the Lamper Lite version.

Open-AI, the creator of this software, is a research organization working on artificial intelligence, which was started in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. But later Elon Musk left the company.  Google has launched the AI chatbot sensation ‘Bird’. Bird is based on LAMDA. Which is an acronym for the language model for dialogue applications. Artificial intelligence created the text with such skill that last year an engineer of the company called it sensitive. Which is widely rejected by technology giants and scientists.. (The latest news is that last Tuesday, they opened a chatbot called BARD to get public opinion.) It will then be added to Google. )

Google Gemini AI Chatbot How To Use Google BARD AI

Google Bard ai Sign up or Bard Login Website link https://gemini.google.com/app


The name of this new computer app is Chat GPT. Many may not have heard the name yet. But there is no one left to know who keeps minimum information on information technology. Chat GPT is a chatbot. A robot. Such as Google. Such as TikTok. We often see more such chatbots on social media or online. It works with artificial intelligence. A lot can be done. Searching for information, capturing videos – all this is there. But more than that, it can speak like a human being, answer questions, and write the answer just like a human being. If you ask him to write an article on a topic, he will write it immediately, in one sentence. Even poetry. You’ll just print it. Those who write blogs every day on their website. Tell the chat GPT to write a blog, he will write you a blog in a few minutes. I don’t think any machine wrote it. Do you understand its meaning?

Google ai chatbot link https://ai.google/

This app will do what the teacher teaches in the class. An accountant will also do the work he does in the office. The young man who copyrights for various sites on the computer will do his job chat GPT. A student’s housework will be done. Why do I say? In the meantime, millions of students around the world have started doing homework with it. But its journey started only in November last year. Many people are using it in our country as well.

Chat GPT is actually an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool. It has developed the state-of-the-art AI model of language processing, OpenAI. Chat GPT can convey all kinds of information so accurately and logically that it is surprising. Its full name is Generative Pretrained Transformer. It can be said that it is a modern neural network-based machine learning model (NMS). This software not only gives you the opportunity to search in real-time like Google; Rather, it also answers the questions you ask in very clear and precise words. This software is therefore rapidly taking place among people all over the world. According to the company’s CEO Sam Altman, chat reached one million users in less than a week after the launch of GPT. According to a Twitter account called World Statistics, it took three and a half years to get one million subscribers of entertainment exclusive OTT like Netflix. Twitter took two years and Facebook took 10 months. Three months of Instagram and five months of Spotify.

Chat GPT is filled with the text database of the Internet. This chat GPT is rich in huge data from various sources including web pages, web text, books, Wikipedia, articles on the Internet. There is an incredible collection of 300 billion words. As well as it is able to guess what the next word in a sentence should be. As a result, if someone goes to chat GPT and searches ‘what is the global recession’? He will give a proper and accurate answer.

How To Use AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from image and speech recognition to language translation and decision-making.

Here are some general steps to use AI:

  • Determine the problem you want to solve with AI.
  • Choose the appropriate AI technique for the problem, such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, or natural language processing.
  • Collect and preprocess the data needed for training and testing the AI model.
  • Train the AI model using the collected data.
  • Validate the model’s performance using a separate set of data.
  • Fine-tune the model if necessary, by adjusting its parameters or collecting additional data.
  • Deploy the AI model in the production environment and integrate it with other systems if needed.
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of the AI model to ensure it is still relevant and effective.

Note: The specifics of each step can vary greatly depending on the specific AI use case and the technology being used.

Using artificial intelligence technology, chat GPT can do the work of people in these professions faster and more accurately than people, so the demand of people in these professions will be reduced. As a result, many people will be affected by the job. In the meantime, several news organizations around the world are using AI technology to write content. However, they have kept the manpower to verify and edit the writing of the device. There is an impression of mechanicalness in the work of the machine.

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