SSC Exam Routine Download

SSC Exam Routine Published Download SSC Exam Routine

SSC Exam routine has been published 22 November 2017 at Secondary and Higher Secondary Educations Board Official web link. Secondary and Higher Secondary education website Name can also find this SSC exam routine at my Educations in BD website.SSC exam Routine

According to SSC exam routine 2018, the SSC exam will be Start 01 February 2018. The first SSC Exam Subject Name is Bangla(Compulsory). SSC exam 2018 Start time is Every Morning 10:00 am and will Be continue at 1:00 Pm. All subject of SSC exam will be held at the same time and same place.SSC Exam will be End 25 March 2018.

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Theory Examinations 2018 will be Start 01 February 2018.
And Theory SSC Exam will be End 25 March 2018. SSC Exam Routine

SSC Practical Examinations Time and Date :
Subject Name Music.SSC Music Practical Exam Date is 25 March 2018. SSC music Practical Exam will Be Start 10:00 am at Examination Control Center or Candidate owns School or Center.

Basic Trad With All Practical Examination Date and Time:
Basic Trad With All Practical exam Date is 26 February 2018 to 04 March 2018. Basic Trad exam will start Everyday Morning at 10:00 am.
its very Important Note for Every SSC Examine To Bring their Handwriting Answer Sheet Print Copy and Practical Answer Sheet, Signature and Others Necessary Papers Need to Adjust By Candidate Roll Number and Lastly Submit this All Practical Papers Secondary Exam Section.
SSC exam Routine.Basic Trad with All practical Exam will be Held at Theory Exam Venue where Candidate Participate their Theoretical Examinations.SSC exam Routine
NOTE: Only Use Practical Answer Sheet For Participate Practical Exam. No one Can Use Their Theoretical Answer Sheet to Answer Practical Exam’s Strictly Forbidden. SSC Routine Download

                                                 SSC exam Routine Download Now.

SSC Exam Routine
SSC Exam Routine

Special Instruction:
*if Any SSC Exam candidate wants to Use Scientific Calculator Then SSC Candidate Can use Scientific Calculator.No SSC Examinee can be able to Use Mobile phone When SSC Exam Running. Only Center Secretary will be able to use Phone/Mobile phone.Every Candidate Must be Bring Their SSC Admit Card. Registration Card to Attend Their SSC Exam.SSC exam Routine.

SSC Exam  Routine All Educations Board Bangladesh

>All SSC Exam Candidate Have to Attend Their Exam Hall Before 30 Minute Exam Start.
>MCQ Exam full Time is 30 minute and 70 marks Creative Questions Exam Time is 2 Hours 30 minute.
>Practical Exam 25 MCQ Exam time is 25 Minute and 50 Creative MCQ Exam Time is 35 minute.
>SSC Exam will be Continue without Any Pause and There is no pause for MCQ exam and Creative Question Exam.
Every Exam will Be held on Question Papers Mention time.
Every SSC Exam Candidate Have to collect Their own own Admit Card from Their Own own school Department.
Every SSC Exam Candidate Have to fill up their SSC Exam Registrations Number, SSC Exam Roll Number, SSC Exam Subject Code On Their SSC Questions Papers answer Papers Carefully.
Every SSC Examinee Have to able Use scientific Calculator in Exam Hall But No SSC Exam Will Able to Use Programming Calculator in Exam Hall.
No SSC Exam Will Able to Use Mobile Phone in Exam Hall .its Strictly forbidden.
SSC Exam Will be held on Different School.

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