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Sundarban Courier Service Branch List, address, and Phone number 2024

Sundarban Courier Service Branch List, address, and Phone number 2024. Who is looking for Sundarbans Courier Service Branches? This is our post for them today. From our post, you can easily find out the addresses and phone numbers of all branches of Sundarbans courier service.

At present, we need to send one thing from one place to another in different tasks. In that case, Sundarbans courier service is one of the best mediums. Every day goods are exchanged from every district of Bangladesh with the help of Sundarbans Courier Service.

If you also want to send something with the help of Sundarbans Courier Service. Then you must know the information of those branches correctly. I hope you can find out all the information from this post today. We will give you all the information about the Sundarbans Courier Service. You can call 09612003003 for any of your needs. Share with them any difficulties you may have.

They will solve your problem very soon. And you can send any kind of product from one place to another with the help of Sundarbans Courier Service.

Address of Sundarbans Courier Service Head Office

If you want to know about the main branch of Sundarbans Courier Service. Then we will tell you this branch is located in Dhaka. So that you can easily find this branch.

For that we gave the full address here. The address of Sundarbans Courier Service Head Office is 24/25 Dilkusha C/A Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. You can visit the Head Office of Sundarbans Courier Service if you visit this address.


Sundarbans Courier Service e-mail address List

We want to contact by email in great need. In that case, you need to know the email address of the Sundarbans courier service. So that you can easily find the e-mail address. I gave us an email address in this post. You can easily email by mentioning your difficulty if you want.


Sundarbans Courier Service Helpline Number 2024

We are constantly facing difficulties with various needs. In that case, everyone needs to know the Sundarbans Courier Service Helpline number.You can share your difficulties by calling any number from the following number. Sundarbans Courier Service Helpline No. 9564218, 9551984, 9556952, 9559635. For your convenience, we have given the fax number here 88029563995.


Sundarbans Courier Service Trucking website address

Who has ordered goods with the help of Sundarbans Courier Service? Many of them want to see where your product is. They can easily see where your product is by trucking the Sundarbans Courier Service.

You have ordered this through Sundarbans courier service. Logging in with your ID there will help you know the location of the product. And the day date will be given there. You will get your product in hand that day.


Sundarbans Courier Service Cost

Many people search the Internet for how much money it costs to exchange goods with the help of sundarbans courier service. Here are the courier service costs. From here you will know how much money it takes to send something.If you want to package a product and send it from one place to another. Then take note of the cost list below. Here’s all the information.


Parcels are rented at the rate of Rs 10 per kg

Reaches within 16 hours inside the country

There is a provision to send cash through this company. The commission has to be paid for 5% of the original amount sent.

And here products are sent through product packaging.

Small cartoons have to be paid at Rs 30 and big cartoons at Rs 80.

A total of 155 countries have access to goods outside the country. For your convenience, the cost of a parcel of Sundarbans Courier Service is given below:


Location: India

Product Type: Any Product

Weight: 1 kg

Product Cost: Tk. 500

Arrival time: 48 hours

Location: Pakistan


Product Type: Any product


Weight: 1 kg


Arrival time: 72 hours


Product Cost: Tk. 1800


Location: Saudi Arabia


Product Type: Any product


Weight: 1 kg


Arrival time: 72 hours


Product Cost: Tk. 2000


Location: America


Product Type: Any product


Weight: 1 kg


Arrival time: 72 hours


Product Cost: Tk. 2800


Your product will depend on how much money you have to bear. Because there are different types of products that people exchange here. For which the price is also set separately.


If you want to send any kind of documents, clearances, certificates, mark sheets, etc. with the help of Sundarbans Courier Service. Then you will have to pay a delivery charge of Tk. 20.


Sundarban Courier Service Branch List, address, and Phone number

Who want to send a product from one place to another with the help of Sundarbans Courier Service. It is very important for them to know the information about all branches of the Sundarban courier service. So thinking about you, the addresses of Sundarbans courier service branches and branches are given here.


Branches of Sundarbans Courier Service Dhaka Division

Here we have presented all the Sundarbans Courier Service Branches of Dhaka Division and their addresses here. With information from here you can easily visit the Sundarbans Courier Service Office near you.

  1. Taltala Branch (Dhaka Metre)

Office Address: JKM Tredas Shop, #8 Tabassum Shopping Complex Centre, 973 Taltala Agargaon, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01552367224, 01915687145


  1. Banani Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: MS Millennium Centre. MR Centre, Ground Floor, House No.49, Road No.17, Banani, Dhaka

Mobile Number: 9821917,8812598,01677175591,01742511808


  1. Bangla Bazar Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: 383, Computer Market, Bangla Bazar, Dhaka

Mobile Number: 01197340434


  1. Bangla Meter Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Media Point 24,25,26 Kazi Nazrul Avenue, Fast Floor (47A Shop) AP Rahman Plaza.

Mobile Number : 9660362,0171341943,01981111201

  1. Bashundhara Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: K-22, Kalachandpur, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212. K-5 Bashundhara Gulshan Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 8816660, 01819225657


  1. Chowkbazar Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: No. 1, Urdu Road, Chowkbazar, Dhaka-1211. 40 Devidash-Ghatroad, Chowkbazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 7316901,01714861095,01929366638


  1. Dhanmondi Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address : 754,Sat Masjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Mobile Number : 8127981,01715200199


  1. Ashkona Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: 2324, Liberation War Shopping Complex, Smart Communication (1st Floor), Haji Camp Road, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01915667777


  1. Fakirapul Branch (1) (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Daily Bangla (1st Floor), Rahman Complex, Dhaka-1000.

Mobile Number : 7174622,01819223957,01720502491

  1. Fakirapul Branch (2) (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address : SCS, 292-Century Tower, G-3, Fakirapul, Dhaka

Mobile Number : 01710682528,01811742280


  1. Manipuripara Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Red Shopping Complex, Shop No.211, (1st Floor), 73 Airport Road, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 9144817,01715253699,01720957782,01936003012


  1. North South Road Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: MAC Telecom, Baitus Sameer Market, North South Road, Phulbaria, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01711676335,01819117079


  1. Gabatli Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: K-256, Carmel Road, Gabatli, Mirpur, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01922371490


  1. Rajabazar Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address : 15-Rashid Advertising, 104-Capital Supermarket, Green Road, Dhaka

Mobile Number : 9115601,01711227734,01190782221

  1. Green Road Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: 61, Green Road, Kalabagan, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01675262602


  1. Bangabazar Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address : 94, Niltli, Gulistan, Dhaka-1000

Mobile Number : 01726049721


  1. Gulshan-1 (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: House No.11, Road No.18, (Ground Floor), Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212.

Mobile Number : 8824773,01711540401,01713195570


  1. Niketan Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: House-41A, Road No.01, Niketan Gate, Adjacent to Shooting Club, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212.

Mobile Number : 01937171515,01818310456


  1. Gulshan-2 Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address : Nabeela Enterprise, 74 DCC Market (1st Floor).Gulshan-2, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 9885472,01819221567,01711849533,01715130008


  1. RK Mission Road Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address : Patowari Enterprise, 22 RK Mission Road, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01819007361


  1. Hatkhola Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address : Ms. Bismillah Traders, Hatkhola, Dhaka-1203.

Mobile Number : 01675072031

  1. Hatirpool Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Rubel Media, 158 Elephant Road, Hatirpul, Dhaka-1205.

Mobile Number : 01728007533,01819279070


  1. Indria Road Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Rahmania Plaza (2nd Floor), 21 Indria Road, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 8143755,01721870650


  1. Jatrabari Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Fahim Telecom, 69 South Jatrabari, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01819033323,01198177373


  1. Jigatla Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Ms. Titus, 211 Jigatla, Dhaka-1209.

Mobile Number : 01711612253,01711249287


  1. Postgola Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: 14 New Jurain Alam Market, Fakirabad, Kadamtli, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01714556046,01673428950


  1. Kakoli Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: M.S.R.A. Enterprise, 643 at New Airport Road, Kakoli, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 9861451,01711540243,01197256779

  1. Kakrail Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Bangladesh National Courier Service, 14 Kakrail, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01934836025


  1. Kalabagan Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Ms. Mannan Enterprise, Green Road Staff No. 4, Kalbagan (1st Lane), Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01711737853,01716635221,01196245256


  1. Kalyanpur Branch (Booking Booth-1) (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: 80 Khanja Supermarket, Kalyanpur, Dhaka-1207.

Mobile Number : 01713027413,01817533800


  1. Kalyanpur Branch (Booking Booth-2) (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: RB Telecom, 32 BRTC Market, Kalyanpur, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01711787387,01755650580


  1. Kaoran Bazar (Booking Booth) (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Sakses Trade Link, Kavyakosh Supermarket, Kaoran Market, Dhaka-1215.

Mobile Number : 9135095,01937676524


  1. Kathal Bagan (Booking Booth) (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Fame and Fair International, 107 Bir Uttam Cr Dutta Road (Ground Floor), Dhanmondi, Kathalbagan, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01915636778,01913760122

  1. Khilgaon Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: 124, Khilgaon, Taltala City Corporation Super Market, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 7214831,01190717053


  1. Khilkhet Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Ali Member Market Bidide Madrassa (Upper Floor of Tangail Sweet Ghor), Khilkhet Bazar, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01819961600,01925769295


  1. Kapukhet Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Masood’s Trade International, 241 North Kafarul, Mamta Complex, Dhaka-1206.

Mobile Number : 9857568,8713168,01712531529,01710249561


  1. Kamalapur Stadium Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Veer Shrestha Mostafa Kamal Stadium (2nd Floor), Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01711896741

  1. Imamganj Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Azam & Bradras, 79 Moulvibazar, Lalbagh, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01921687208,016848277724


  1. Lalmatia-1 Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: MS Phone Centre, House No.2, Road No.16 (Old 27) Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209.

Mobile Number : 01827162776,01828101927


  1. Lalmatia-2 Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Alif Business Centre, 75 Block-D, Lalmatia, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 9124085,01839594751


  1. Beehive Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: 240, Outer Stadium Road, Malibagh, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 9347200,01916038761


  1. Mirpur-1 Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Anand Enterprise, Soumeet Bhawan No. 11, Super Market No. 1 (Busstand), Kalwalapara No. 5, Mirpur, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 9010791,01746253532


  1. Mirpur-10 Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: 38B, Road No.2, Mirpur Falpatry, Mirpur-10, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 01711057341,01714664047,01760506090

  1. Mirpur-2 Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: MS Haque Media Centre, Block-D, Road No.05, Holdinang-20, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216.

Mobile Number : 01711430948,01914219796


  1. Magbazar Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address : 78 Outer Circle Road, Magbazar Plaza, Magbazar, Dhaka

Mobile Number : 01811374305,01827533575


  1. New 10 Mahakhali Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Road No.28, House No.371, New 10 Mahakhali, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 9883819,01552367492,01842104124


  1. Mahakhali Booking Booth Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Skillful Stationery, TA-55, Mahakhali Bazar, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 8817429,9899461,01711601501


  1. Mahakhali Branch (Dhaka Metro)

Office Address: Bangla Kate Bhawan (Fast Floor), 04 Mahakhali, Dhaka.

Mobile Number : 9897383,9860783,9861451,017111540243,01197256779

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