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Technical Education and General Education Paragraph Writing For HSC / SSC / Class 6,7,8,9 [100, 200, 300 Word]

Technical Education and General Education Paragraph Writing For HSC / SSC / Class 6,7,8,9 [100, 200, 300 Word] Technical education is one of the most up-to-date education in our country. At present, technical education is practical education with the touch of technology. That is to say, education goes beyond the rigid rules and builds the student society of the country as a person possessed of efficient and practical knowledge in a particular subject. In recent times, the importance of technical education is so high in our country, which we have been feeling step by step in our daily life. In our daily life, from small things to big repairs, people are not available on time. At that time, a person educated in technical education can solve it on his own without resorting to others. Vocational education or technical education is an education system where there is no such thing as a pass-fail. So you are given the opportunity to test and prove yourself as many times as you need to achieve perfect skills and to be a competitor. In technical education, practical application is given more importance than theoretical study, so that one can be educated in technical education and find the best job opportunity by applying one’s qualifications. Having practical work experience, and technical education is also very important in employment. So in recent times in the competitive market technical education is playing a very important role in creating competent competitors.

We have been able to realize for a long time the importance of technical education in the economic development of the country. In this context, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) recently approved a project worth Tk 1,040 crore to improve the quality of education. It was decided to build one technical school and one polytechnic in every 100 upazilas. The government has said that it is giving utmost importance to technical education for human resource development. It can be said without any doubt that the rate of technical education in our country and the interest of people in this education is increasing. Technical education becomes important when the government forms a separate technical education board, and undertakes new projects for this education. The role of technical education is immense in alleviating poverty, creating employment opportunities, self-employment, entrepreneurial development and increasing productivity in the belief of building a ‘Digital Bangladesh‘.

An expansion of technical education is needed to make Bangladesh a middle-income country. Considering the socio-economic context of Bangladesh, the importance of technical education is easily conceivable

Requirements for vocational and technical education

The main purpose of modern education is to fully prepare students for the future. The report of the National Education Commission states that “Education should be developed as to increase productivity”.

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(1) Productivity: Vocational and technical education help students to increase productivity in the society and country by engaging them in productive work.

(2) Self-reliance: Vocational and technical education help every student to become self-reliant. As a result of this education, the student either gets a job opportunity or can be involved in self-employed work.

(3) Increase in national income: Since vocational and technical education is a productive education, it helps in increasing the national income and development of the country.

(4) Creation of experts: Another purpose of this education is to create experts. The knowledge or skills acquired in this education helps the student to acquire skills in certain specific areas of his future life.

(5) Giving financial security: Vocational and technical education helps the student to earn a living in the future, which gives him financial security in his life.

(6) Prioritizing the interests, tendencies and special abilities of the students: Another purpose of this education is to utilize the special abilities, interests, needs or tendencies of the students. In this case, students can choose the subject of special education according to their characteristics from among different types of scholarships.

(7) Dignity towards labor: After all, since this education is acquired by the students through manual labor, it creates a sense of dignity towards their labor.

(8) Establishment in life: Vocational education is the way to gain establishment in life. This type of vocational education is very much needed for exceptional children so that they can engage themselves in some productive work and be able to earn money.

(9) Positive attitude towards education: Practical and hands-on education by removing the monotony of biblical teaching. Increasing their enthusiasm in this education creates a kind of positive attitude.

(10) Encouragement towards labor: Vocational and technical education teaches students to give dignity to labor. Helps to build moral character.

(11) Job opportunities: Vocational and technical education enhances the work skills of the students which creates job or employment opportunities.

Thus, vocational and technical education is a person-centered, selective, religious, diverse, practical, self-reliant education that enables the student to develop fully in all aspects.

Technical education

The word ‘technical’ or ‘technical’ means – related to the efficiency of the industrial system. The special education by which this systematic skill is developed is called technical education. That is to say, the education by which the student is given scientific training for the use of industrial, commercial, agricultural and industrial equipment, is called technical education. For example, acquiring skills in handling machinery in agricultural factories. These types of education are the technical education institutions associated with the choice of human life and livelihood:

Junior Technical School,

Medical College,

Painting Training Center,

Agricultural University,

Polytechnic College etc.

According to the commission, by 1986, 20 per cent of the total students at the lower secondary level and 50 per cent after passing the tenth grade will receive scholarships and technical education. Vocational education or technical education is an education system where there is no such thing as pass-fail. Rather, it is an attempt to make a person a competent competitor, where you are either competent or not yet qualified.

In technical education, more importance is given to practical application than theoretical study, so that a person educated in technical education can find the best job opportunity by utilizing his / her qualifications. If one wants, one can easily take technical education and get out of one’s previous job and do new work and enrich one’s career.

There is no doubt that technical education is playing a vital role in creating competitors in the competitive market. In addition to the equivalent education system, this method is effective and up-to-date. In developed countries in education we see a broad picture of technical education activities.

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